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ARI The Ayn Rand Institute is the center for the advancement of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. Read about Ayn Rand at Ayn Rand: About Her Life and do not miss the gallery pages! There is a list and presentation of Ayn Rand’s works.

ARI has recently opened an office in Washington: Ayn Rand Center: for Individual Rights. Here you find a wealth of recent activities, including speeches and articles.

Students will find a lot of resources for them at the ARI site. Find out about ARI’s popular student essay contests. Find Student Clubs. ARI’s Objectivist Academic Center offers courses by leading Objectivist teachers to ambitious students of Objectivism.

Objectivist Conferences (OCON) is a branch of ARI that arranges yearly conferences by leading Objectivist speakers and scholars.

ARI has a number of “Special Topics” pages in the Media section of their site. The topics includes:

ARI offers a Bibliographic Search Engine that may help you to locate where Ayn Rand wrote on a certain topic in her works.

Online lectures: An Introduction to Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff is a superb introductory lecture (1995) that is now available at in streaming video format. Many other video and audio recordings are available for free.

Harry Binswanger’s fabulous The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Objectivism from A to Z is now available in its entirety on the web!

The book Facets of Ayn Rand by Mary Ann Sures and Charles Sures is a very fine book about Ayn Rand as the person they learned about over the years as close friends. Now you can even read it online! There are further interesting material on this ARI site, including some really good lectures on Ayn Rand: My Thirty Years with Ayn Rand — An Intellectual Memoir by Leonard Peikoff, (an excerpt from) Ayn Rand’s Life: Highlights and Sidelights by Harry Binswanger, etc.

The Ayn Rand Bookstore have the most complete selection of Ayn Rand’s writings and lectures available as well as many other books and lectures of potential value to rational minds. Order their catalogue at their web site (the catalogue also has very good reviews)! This shop is also operated by the Ayn Rand Institute.

The Objective Standard has sailed up as the leading Objectivist periodical and it is filled with really good and diverse articles. It is published quarterly. They usually offer one or two of the published articles from each issue for free on their website!

The Ayn Rand Society, founded in 1987 and chaired by Allan Gotthelf, is an affiliated group with the American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division. Its aim is to foster the scholarly study by philosophers of the philosophical thought and writings of Ayn Rand.

The Harry Binswanger mailing list is the best mailing list related to Objectivism right now. Harry Binswanger is the author of The Ayn Rand Lexicon. Dr. Binswanger is currently writing a new book on “consciousness”. “Most of the book will be on sensation, perception, concept-formation, and points beyond.” Harry Binswanger was the editor of The Objectivist Forum (1980-87).

The Leonard Peikoff homepage. Dr. Peikoff is the foremost Objectivist today. He is Ayn Rand’s intellectual and legal heir and has written a systematic presentation of Objectivism in his Objectivism: the Philosophy of Ayn Rand. Do not miss to listen to his frequent podcasts (they can be subscribed to through iTunes)! Dr. Peikoff is now working on a new book titled The DIM Hypothesis. (His website was updated to look much better recently!)

Edwin A. Locke is Dean’s Professor of Leadership and Motivation at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Dr. Locke is an internationally known business scholar. Here you can learn about his latest activities and books.

Articles, videos, etc.

America Versus Americans – a talk by Leonard Peikoff at Ford Hall Forum, April 6, 2003.

The Philosophy of Objectivism: A Brief Summary by Leonard Peikoff. (Taken from his book The Ominous Parallels (Plume Books, 1997).)

♦ Peter Schwartz appeared on the NPR radio show “Talk of the Nation” (Dec 30th, 1998).

Suggested Reading List (provided by The Ayn Rand Institute) on Objectivism.

Apollo 11 – The July 16, 1969 Launch: A Symbol of Man’s Greatness by Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand’s Testimony Before The House Un-American Affairs Committee by Ayn Rand.

The “Incremental” Assault on Health Care by Paul Blair. (From the May 1997 issue of The Intellectual Activist.)

“Buy American” is Un-American by Harry Binswanger.

The Philosophical Foundations of Heroism by Andrew Bernstein, Ph.D.

Columbus Day: A Time to Celebrate by Michael S. Berliner, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Ayn Rand Institute.

Against Environmentalism by Michael S. Berliner.

Diversity and Multiculturalism: The New Racism by Michael S. Berliner and Gary Hull.

Why Rent Control Is Immoral by Michael S. Berliner.

Animals “Rights” and the New Man-Haters by Edwin A. Locke , Ph.D., Senior Writer, The Ayn Rand Institute.

Fact and Value by Leonard Peikoff. (More related articles.)

♦ Two articles in the Swedish language that first appeared in our magazine LyceumRiksbanken är Problemet and EU – Altruism, Kollektivism & Konflikter. Our magazine also contains articles written in the English language that are not translated into Swedish. Here is an old issue (pdf): Lyceum Vol. 3#2

The Conditionality of Life and the Teleological Consequences was written as an exam paper by me (Jerry Nilson, the webmaster here) at the University. It should be understood that this paper should not be looked upon as an “Objectivist essay”, but I still hope you may get some good philosophical points out of it. For a fuller understanding and in depth discussion of several of the points I make, I recommend Dr. Harry Binswanger’s book The Biological Basis of Teleological Concepts (pdf). My main motive for writing this essay was indeed to fully understand Binswanger’s book and not to write anything easily understood (they do not merit this at the University).

The Dead End of Modern Philosophy’s Search for Knowledge by Jerry Nilson. I discuss the definition of knowledge as “justified true belief”, which is a common definition of knowledge among philosophers today. It is a short piece that was originally published in the Lyceum magazine.

Other things

Take a look at the Ayn Rand postage stamp issued in 1999.

Ayn Rand lived some years in the famous von Sternberg house (by the architect Richard Neutra, who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright) while she still worked in Hollywood and before she moved to New York. It was while living here that she started to work on Atlas Shrugged. sells a CD-ROM with the works of Ayn Rand. – “The first and only electronically searchable, totally comprehensive reference work for the history-changing ideas of Ayn Rand! On sale for only $59.95. Including Anthem, We The Living, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and the vast majority of her non-fiction writing, as well as the works of other Objectivist writers.”

TIA The Intellectual Activist is the most important publication concerned with the philosophy of Objectivism. It features a lot of articles by prominent Objectivists and is highly recommended reading. You can order TIA via their homepage and read some short editorials/notes and excerpts from articles in recent issues. There are also much of interest on their web site.

Capitalism Magazine offers new articles almost daily – many of which are written by well-known Objectivists. Capitalism is a related website. “A philosophical, moral, and economic defense of the unknown ideal: laissez-faire capitalism.”

The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism. “The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is dedicated to advancing individual rights and economic freedom throughout America.”

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine fights for freedom in medicine. Watch Leonard Peikoff give his talk ‘Health Care Is Not a Right’ (Dec, 1993).

Abortion is Pro-Life: The Moral Case for Abortion. Here you can find excellent articles and resources defending the right to abortion – a right that is still under continued attack both in America and elsewhere.

The Rational Basis of Happiness Live stream RealAudio Internet radio psychology talk show hosted by Dr. Ellen Kenner, a private practice clinical psychologist in Rhode Island. Broadcast from WHJJ 920am.

The Living Resources Newsletter is a quarterly publication applying rational principles to everyday life. Written and edited by psychologist Michael J. Hurd and deals mainly with psychological issues. Dr. Hurd now also has his own weekly radio show over the Internet. You can also learn about Dr. Hurd’s new book Effective Therapy and read some articles.

Quent Cordair, Fine Art which is a site that, among other things, shows works by sculptor Sandra Shaw. (Art is a very personal subject and I merely provide this link as an example of what many Objectivists consider good art to be like. (I certainly do not like everything on this site!) One must always keep in mind the distinction between how effective (and well crafted) a piece of art is and one’s personal “sense of life” appraisal of the same.) Ayn Rand’s favourite painter was Capuletti.

Paper Tiger The Paper Tiger Books publishes some interesting books.

A school initiative led by Objectivists is the VanDamme Academy. They also have a free weekly newsletter – Pedagogically Correct.

Martin Lindeskog’s blog – EGO – Ayn Rand related news and other things of interest to my friend Martin Lindeskog (the first editor of this web page)

The Norwegian Objectivist club – Føreningen før Studium av Objektivismen. They have a presentation of Ayn Rand and her philosophy in the Norwegian language written by Vegard Martinsen.

The English United Kingdom Objectivist Association has a website and an active mailing-list. – the Swedish Objectivist mailing list. This list is dedicated to discussions on Objectivism and announcements of Objectivist activities in Sweden. (Language: Swedish mostly.)

Lyceum The Objectivist club in Gothenburg, Sweden – Föreningen För Objektivismen (FFO) and our publication Lyceum. We take orders for books of Ayn Rand and related material from individuals living in Sweden.

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